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How Would You Like Us To Hold You By The Hand As You

Close Your First (or Next!)

Real Estate Deal

"How Would You Like Us to Hold You By The Hand As You
Launch Your First (or Next) Funnel!"
You Are Just 'One Deal Away' From The Life That You Want, The Money You Deserve, & The Impact You Can Make... Take Your Next Step

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What does...
'One Deal Away'
Mean To You...?
From: Julie Muse

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

What does 'One Deal Away' mean for you...?

It could mean finally leaving that awful job you hate.

Or it could mean that you could finally earn reliable extra income.

And for a few of us, it could mean finally building a business & legacy that builds wealth for ourselves and our families.

Hi, I’m Julie Muse, founder of the nationwide community of investors called Partner Driven Real Estate Investing.

I’ve got an amazing new opportunity that will help you finally learn how to make money in real estate even if you have ever felt afraid that real estate could not work for you.

We have built a brand new Mobile App & Challenge to HELP DESTROY ALL THE OBSTACLES keeping you from finally understanding & making money in real estate.

And today you can get access to this for a discounted one time payment.

You Have Found The Path To Finally Making Money In Real Estate Even If You:

Are brand new to real estate and don’t know the first step to how you actually make money.

Or you have little to no money to invest in real estate so that you can get deals done.

Or you have only a limited amount of time.

Or have tried in the past and failed.

If you checked ANY of the boxes above In Your Head, then I want to invite you to join the 'One Deal Away' challenge and change your Life forever!
One Funnel Away…
The 30 Day Challenge
How Would You Like To Have Russell Brunson, And Two Of His “Two Comma Club” Coaches Help You Customize And EXECUTE Your First (Or Next) Funnel?

One Funnel Away…
The 30 Day Challenge
How Would You Like To Have Russell Brunson, And Two Of His “Two Comma Club” Coaches Help You Customize And EXECUTE Your First (Or Next) Funnel?

30 Days. 3 Coaches.
(With Daily Training, LIVE Coaching and Accountability, From Day 1 to Day 30)
Julie Stoian
Russell Brunson
Unlike other banks - we care about your business, not your balance.
Stephen Larsen
From: Julie Muse

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

What does 'One Deal Away' mean for you...?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, you're in a job that you hate, and you're trying to get out.

For others, you want to build your own business... but you're stuck, and you're not sure why.

And for others, you're looking to build wealth and legacy for your family!

But before I share with you MY GOAL for this 'One Deal Away challenge for YOU... let me ask you a few questions...

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!
Do you want to grow your real estate business, but you have NO IDEA where to start?
Do you have a career that's been successful, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?
Are you convinced that you are right for this business, but you aren't quite sure what steps to take?
Are you ready to launch your real estate business, and want to make sure it's a huge success!?!
So, Here Is How The Challenge Works...

You have just found the easiest and fastest way to get into real estate investing and actually make money (instead of loosing money or paying to sit in a conference)

The One Deal Away Challenge is a mobile app & membership site, training, coaching, support and community that has been created to finally give you everything that you need to help you close real estate deals AND GET PAID.

The goal is simple... Finally close your first (or next) real estate deal and get paid!

The challenge costs $97 to join. This covers your materials during the challenge (more info on this below).

With the One Deal Away Challenge, we could easily charge $1,000 for the full 30 day challenge…

Probably even $3,000, or more, but...

In This All-Inclusive

App Experience You Will Get:

  • ‘One Funnel Away’ Coaching With Two Comma Club Coaches Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian ($997 Value)
  • Customized 30-Day Plan & Daily Action Steps ($247 Value)
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Kit - Includes:

* One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook ($97 Value)

* MP3 Player With Recordings Of The FIRST One

Funnel Away challenge ($297 Value)

* BONUS - "30 Days" Hardcover Book ($97 Value)

BONUS #1 - Unlimited Lifetime Access To “30 Days” Interview Series ($197 Value)
BONUS #2 - Two Comma Club Funnel EXCLUSIVE Interview Pack ($197 Value)
  • The One Deal Away App On Your Phone... ($997 Value)
  • The "Find & Close That Deal" Step-By-Step Video Training... ($997 Value)
  • Daily Action Steps & Motivational Messages... ($297 Value)
  • BONUS #1: Deal Driven Deal Finding App 30 Day Free Trial... ($197 Value)

Total Value: $2,488

If you want to get your first (or next) deal done and actually make money, build revenue , have freedom, and create your legacy,

then this is your mission...

Join the Challenge!

Do YOU Accept?

Today you have been called to at least give yourself the opportunity to finally succeed in real estate and give it a try.

Join The Challenge Today To Close Your First (Or Next) Deal. There is no catch and nothing to lose. Join our community and get everything you need to close your next PROFITABLE DEAL. You are just one step away from becoming deal closing, money-making, machine!!!

The First Thing you’ll get Is access to the...
You'll get Instant Access To The App, Training, Community, & More!

App Benefit #2

"Find & Close That Deal" Step-By-Step Video Training

When you join the 'One Deal Away' challenge today (for a free 7-day trial) I'm going to give you 100% access to our"Find & Close That Deal" Step-By-Step Video Training that will take you by the hand and guide you from the beginning to end of finding profitable deals, getting them under contract, and taking them all the way to closing and getting paid.

Let me show you a glimpse of a few of the cool things that come in your new app!

Altogether, You’ll Get 51 Recordings &

Over 40 Hours Of Training!

($997 Value)
You Can Get Free

7-Day Access Today

You Can Get Free

7-Day Access Today

With the One Deal Away Challenge, we could have easily charge $4,000 for this full experience…

Probably even $2,000, or more, but...

We decided to give it away for free for 7 days, and only if you valued it, stay with us for just $99 a month.


Because We Wanted To Make It A No Brainer For People That Are Ready To Truly Transform Their Lives
App Benefit #2
Access To Our Cash Buyer-Partner Database & Deal Portal
($1,987 Value)
Recently, I approached 30 of the most successful real estate investors that I know and asked them, besides know-how, what is the #1 thing a new investor needs to be successful... they all agreed on one simple point.
“Access to money is everything…
There are multiple ways to monetize a deal. Once you get a deal under contract you need to have a clear path on how it is you will monetize the deal. No matter if you wholesale the property, renovate & flip it, or hold and rent, you will need to have access to potential JV partners, cash buyers & lenders to help you complete your deals.

In the 'One Deal Away' Challenge we fix that from the start by connecting you to our list of JV, lenders

Your Network Is Your "Net worth"
from Day 1 you will Have Immediate access to our Complete database & Deal Posting
Not only are we going to share with you our network of potential cash buyers and JV partners, but we will also share with you our proven funding sources that you can use to do your very own deals.

We are even adding one extra bonus... we will give you access to post your deals directly into our community so that you can connect directly with other investors and get more deals done.

This means that from day 1 you will be connected with the funding sources that you need to do more deals.

App Benefit #3
The One Deal Away Negotiations Bootcamp.
($997 Value)
The #1 way that you will make money in real estate is through negotiations.

You have probably heard that in real estate you make the money on the purchase.

Nothing could be more true.

Negotiations is more than just words, it is the art of of the purchase.

It is process of getting someone to signal to you what their lowest acceptable offer is, and then take them a few notches below that.

In our Negotiations Bootcamp you will have master negotiator, Peter Vekselman, take you through the same step-by-step process he has used to close over 3,600 deals in his career.

The Negotiation Bootcamp includes:

  • ​The step-by-step process of finding the lowest acceptable offer on any deal.
  • How to push on price WITHOUT losing the opportunity
  • My hack to knock off 30% of the final offer & have them accept it.
  • And so much more!
App Benefit #4
Our Word-For-Word Negotiation & Closing Scripts
($1,997 Value)
When we talk to new real estate investors and ask them what is their #1 fear, they almost always say, "Not knowing that to say and looking like a fool..."

Sound familiar?

Well get ready to let go of that fear, because included in the 'One Deal Away' Challenge is ALL OF OUR SCRIPTS that give you the exact words to say for every step of a real estate deal

Our scripts cover:

  • ​The exact script we use when we call potential sellers so that you close the appointments to view properties
  • ​The exact phrases & tactics we use in negotiation so you can get the best price possible and make the most profits
  • Word-for-word how to talk to sellers about the property so that you can steer the conversation with confidence
  • The exact marketing scripts we use to get more seller leads to contact you so you can close more deals
  • ​Organizational Lead Sheets where you can record and keep track of each potential property so you can be an effective, deal closing machine.
App Benefit #5
Our Done-For-You Contract To Close Deals
($899 Value)
To make money in real estate you have to get a deal under contract. It is that simple. But did you know to NOT LOSE MONEY in the process you have to have the right one?

Over the last 20 years we have developed a purchase contract that is created to help minimize your risk while giving you the most control & flexibility as an investor.

And we are giving this to you included in our 'One Deal Away' Challenge.

And You Get our Contract Included With The Training On How to use it
All To Help You Close More Deals!

Benefit #3

​Daily Action Steps & Motivational Messages

($297 Value)

Ok... Let's be super frank for a moment.

We have 20+ years of real estate experience and have launched thousands of real estate careers on both the investor and the retail side.

Because of this we know what the final obstacle that lays between you and the success that you desire.

So here it is...

Often times the final obstacle that lays between us and success is our habits, both the ones that propel us forward or the ones that hold us back.

Because of this we are adding daily action steps that you should take at each phase of a profitable deal.

We will also share with you daily motivational messages EACH DAY to help you reach your goals!

Still Need More Value Before You Make Your Decision...?

BONUS #1: 

you'll Also Get Access to a Proven,

Nation-wide Property Finding App


Get a Free 30 Day Trial that gives you full access to a Deal Finding software and nationwide database of MILLIONS homes & owner's contact information

Use the app to find properties from the comfort of your home or on the road. See mortgage details, get property info, property value & equity.
Find a property you like? Use the app to run a skip trace and get owner info. Contact the owner & set an appointment to view the property!
The Deal Driven App is the easiest, quickest way to find properties across the country. You'll have all the information in the palm of your hands.